Monday, November 3, 2008


9 rounds
5 Thrusters (don't worry're doing a total today!)
5 Pull ups

New article by Keith Wittenstein,
"They say you have to walk before you can run. Similarly, if you want to be a fire breather, then first you have to be a good air breather. It amazes me that so little attention is paid to breathing. Breathing is so vital to life and to performance that I think it requires at least a minimum of attention. Breath is life. We can stop eating and exercising for long periods of time and survive. However, if you stop breathing for 20 minutes the game is over. As far as I know there are two involuntary activities that we can voluntarily control. The first is blinking the eyes and the second is breathing. Controlling your eyelids is perhaps useful to keep you awake while reading this little article but controlling the breath can have real exciting consequences for your training and your life."
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Keith said...

Thanks for the link love, Bethany! Keep up the good work!

adoption journey said...

Love the photo of the push-up with the nice cleavage!! ha ha! That will be me.